The latest OneContact CC release brings interesting enhancements to Agents, Supervisors, Administrators and also to Outbound and Security operations.


Load Balancing
OneContact CC is now able to perform the load balancing of Agents and Media Servers without the need of an external balancer component. This enables expanding capacity without added cost and makes the balancing process easier to control. With the load balancing feature, several physical locations can be added to components and the load can be distributed between them, depending on each particular needs. Balancing type and weights can also be defined, which allows bigger control on the load balancing.


Password Security Policies
New security policies are available for password creation in OneContact CC: password complexity, password age, minimum password age, password history, minimum length and generate password option.

Auto generate SIP Passwords
SIP Passwords can be periodically generated for Agents, Supervisors and Workstations preventing the risk of SIP attacks.


Contacts with time zone
Contacts can be scheduled for specific time zones. Time zones can also be defined by Contact, Service or Instance.

Contact List Management
Imported contacts from Contact Management can be grouped in lists and all lists can be prioritized within a service.


Target Service Level with service schedule
It is possible to define a time frame for Target Service Level (TSL), and by doing this, to calculate the TSL for working hours, and have a much more accurate calculation of the team’s performance.

OneSupervisor Mobile
Supervisors can now monitor contact center activity in real-time, as well as see graphical information about the most relevant KPIs for both Inbound and Outbound services. App available in iOS and Android.


Agents can now perform most of the operations in a smartphone through the new Mobile App, available in iOS and Android.

Facebook Messenger integration
Customers can reach agents through Facebook Messenger, and agents will receive these interactions as regular IM sessions.

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